Referencer – Kapitel 2

[44] What is marijuana?

[45] Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid: What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Types?

Cannabis Strain Explorer.

[46] What Is Cannabis Ruderalis?

[47] Hemp 101: What Is Hemp, What’s It Used for, and Why Is It Illegal?

[48] Indica vs Sativa: What’s The Difference?

[49] Indica vs. Sativa Medical Marijuana Strain Differences.

[50] Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid: What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Types?

[51] Differences in Growing Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Cannabis.

Medical Marijuana: Indica vs. Sativa.

Hemp 101: What Is Hemp, What’s It Used for, and Why Is It Illegal?

The ultimate guide on indicas vs. sativas.

[52] What Are the Side Effects of High-THC Cannabis?

[53] THC: Everything You Need To Know About Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol

How To Tell Between Male vs Female Marijuana Plants.

Why You Should Be Eating Raw Weed.

[54] Ændringen af THC-grænsen fra 1. juli 2018.

[55] Secondary Metabolites in Plants.

[56] Secondary Metabolites in Plants.

[57] Cannabinoids.

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CBG – The Next Big Cannabinoid Strain.

Top 10 Cannabinoids And What They Do.

[58] 5 Surprising Things To Know About The Endocannabinoid System.

[59] Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine).

[60] What Are Cannabis Terpenes And What Do They Do?

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[65] Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabis Cannabinoids.

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[66] What Is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): The Most Popular Cannabinoid.

[67] What is CBG (Cannabigerol)?

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[70] Cannabigerol (CBG): A Minor Cannabinoid With A Major Impact.

[71] What Is Hash and How Does It Relate to Cannabis?

The Guy Behind The High: Meet The Father Of THC.

[72] Meet the ‘Father of Cannabis,’ the Man Who Discovered Why Weed Makes You High.

[73] Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System.

[74] 7 Ways Cannabis Is Great For Your Brain.

[75] 5 Surprising Things To Know About The Endocannabinoid System.

Why Are Cannabinoid Receptors Important?

[76] How Cannabis Affects Your Memory.

[77] Get High The Yogi Way.

[78] 5 Things That Are Chemically Similar to a Cannabis High.

[79] Why Does Cannabis Cause Paranoia in Some But Helps Anxiety in Others?

[80] Cannabis Strain Explorer.

[81] 8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High.

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[83] THC: Everything You Need To Know About Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol.

What Are The Medical Benefits of Marijuana?.

[84] Can Marijuana Treat Alzheimer’s? THC Reduces Brain Plaque Buildup.

Is Cannabis Part of an Alzheimer’s Cure?

[85] The Best Strains of Marijuana For Pain Relief.

What Are the Best Cannabis Strains for Pain?

[86] Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment.

Girl Regains Arm Use With Marijuana Spray.

[87] Does Cannabis Help Parkinson’s Disease?

[88] 5 Surprising Facts About PTSD and Weed.

[88] Cannabis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Marijuana & PTSD #2: The Science Of Your Brain.

[89] How And Why Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Cannabis and Cancer.

Cancer Institute Finally Admits Marijuana Kills Cancer.

[90] New Research Confirms Cannabis Kills Brain Cancer, NOT Your Brain.

[91] Can Cannabis Fight Breast Cancer?

[92] Is Cannabis Oil The Solution To Treating Cancer In Children?

[93] Cannabis & Melanoma: Is There Hope For New Treatment?

[94] 20 Health Benefits of Marijuana (#4 Will Surprise You!)

Top 10 Strains to Combat Crohn’s Disease and Colitis.

Cannabis vs Crohn’s Disease.

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Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite? Try These 10 Cannabis Strains to Help Induce Hunger.

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[97] Cannabis and Arthritis.

Can Cannabis Treat Arthritis Pain and Inflammation? Here’s What Research is Saying.

[98] Cannabis and Migraines: A Possible New Treatment Option?

New Study: Cannabis Can Reduce Migraines.

[99] Best Cannabis Strains for Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia: Is Marijuana The Best Treatment?

[100] Can CBD and THC in Cannabis Be Used for Glaucoma Treatment?

Marijuana and Glaucoma.

[101] Cannabis and ADD/ADHD.

All In The Mind #1: Cannabis & ADD/ADHD.

[102] The Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep and Insomnia.

Can Marijuana Treat Sleep Apnea? 4 Key Facts.

[103] Children & Cannabis #5: Success Stories With Pediatric Cannabis.

[104] Is Medical Marijuana The Hope For Viral Hepatitis?

[105] How To Make Marijuana More Effective Against Insomnia.

[106] Cannabis vs. Lupus.

[107] 20 Shocking Medical Cannabis Benefits You Need To Know.

[108] Tourette’s: Medical Marijuana’s Latest Victory?

[109] Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA).

[110] Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA).

[111] Laurie Wolf, Mary Wolf: The medical Marijuana Dispensary. Althea Press 2016

[112] What Are The Medical Benefits of CBD?

The Best Video Explaination About Cannabis Trichomes.

[113] What is CBD Oil?

[114] 10 Facts About Cannabidiol (CBD).

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[119] Myrcene, Linalool, and Bisabolol: What Are the Benefits of These Cannabis Terpenes?

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[121]  Top 10 Cannabinoids And What They Do.

CBD: Everything You Need To Know About Cannabidiol.

5 Must-Know Facts About Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD: The Cinderella Molecule.

[122] Medical Marijuana and Lupus.

Cannabis vs. Lupus.

[123] Top 10 Strains to Combat Crohn’s Disease and Colitis.

[124] Medical Marijuana and Type 1 Diabetes.

Marijuana and Diabetes – An In-depth Look.

Diabetes. Oversigt over studier.

[125] Medical Marijuana and Cancer.

US Government Admits Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells.

Cancer. Oversigt over studier.

Ashutosh Shrivastava, Paula M. Kuzontkoski, Jerome E. Groopman and Anil Prasad: Cannabidiol Induces Programmed Cell Death in Breast Cancer Cells by Coordinating the Cross-talk between Apoptosis and Autophagy. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics July 2011 Volume 10, Issue 7.

Can Cannabis Fight Breast Cancer?

[126] PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). Oversigt over studier.

Cannabis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

[127] Marijuana and muscle spasms.

[128] Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease.

Does Cannabis Help Parkinson’s Disease?

[129] No Bones About It: How Cannabis May Combat Bone Diseases.

[130] Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pain.

Top 3 Medical CBD Strains.

The Best Strains of Marijuana For Pain Relief?

[131] Neuropathic Pain. Oversigt over studier.

[132] Medical Marijuana and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

All In The Mind #2: Does Cannabis Help OCD?

[133] Medical Marijuana and Dystonia.

[134] Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy.

Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders. Oversigt over studier.

Epilepsy and Seizures.

[135] Medical Marijuana and Insomnia.

[136] Children and Marijuana #2: Conditions Treated With Cannabis.

[137] Is Marijuana Effective at Combatting Depression?

All In The Mind #4: How Cannabis Treats Depression.

Depression. Oversigt over studier.

[138] 5 Reasons You Should Take CBD On A Daily Basis.

Mood Disorders. Oversigt over studier.

Anxiety. Oversigt over studier.

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Mood Disorders. Oversigt over studier.

[140] Acne. Oversigt over studier.

[141] Cannabis’ Entourage Effect: Why Whole Plant Medicine Matters

Cannabis Anatomy: the Parts of the Plant.

Understanding Cannabis Testing: A Guide to Cannabinoids and Terpenes.

What Are High-CBD Cannabis Strains and How Do They Differ From High-THC Strains?

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Medical Marijuana: Much More Than Just THC and CBD.

[144] The Entourage Effect and Whole Plant Extracts: So Much More than THC and CBD

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[146] What Is Pinene and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabis Terpene?

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[154] What Is Limonene and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabis Terpene?

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CBD: The Cinderella Molecule.

[157] 5 Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana.

[158] Using Industrial Hemp to Treat Epilepsy.

[159] Hamp – en superplante.

[160] Danske landmænd får lov til at dyrke hamp til medicinsk brug.

[161] Indica vs. Sativa: What’s The Difference?

[162] Scientists turn to hemp for cheap, fast-charging batteries.

[163] Top 5 Most Innovative Uses For Hemp.

[164] Forskere: ‘Mere hamp på danske marker’.

[165] Hamp som superfood for småtspisende.

[166] Hamp som superfood for småtspisende.

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[171] CBD User’s Manual.


[173] Cannabis Oil vs. Hemp Oil.

[174] All Vape Pen Oils Are Not Created Equal.

[175] All Vape Pen Oils Are Not Created Equal.

[176] 10 Tips for Buying Hemp-Derived CBD Products.

[177] Forskellen på hash og medicinsk cannabis.

[178] Did the Industrial Value of Hemp Spark Cannabis Prohibition?

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Er hash og marihuana det samme? Her er cannabissens ABC.

[181] Cannabis Craftsmanship: How to Make Hash With Funky Skunk Extracts.

[182] CBD Products: A Beginner’s Guide.

Cannabis Topicals: A Beginner’s Guide.

Cannabis E-Liquid: Uses, Benefits, and Recipes.

[183] What Makes Hash Oil Medicine? Dabbing and Hash Oil Myths: Part Two.

[184] What is marijuana?

[185] Dabbing 101: What Are Dabs and How Are They Made?

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[203] Twins study finds no evidence that marijuana lowers IQ in teens.

[204] Dum av hasj – eller?

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